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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beauty in the making at philosophē studio salon Opening Day!

Job well done! Meet Christina Elfar, just one out of a team of talented women working at Studio Salons in Norwood, Boston Mass. Its a funny story how we met, I was working with my brother out in the same area I met a awesome outgoing not to mention lovely lady waving hello, hello. Not a big deal to some, but to me its not something you see all the time, especially coming from Miami (hint hint). It was genuine so I was happy to wave back and meet this friendly person. Christina Elfar is a Hair Designer, Make-up Artist and a Eyebrow Threading Extraordinaire as she describes herself. As a professional photographer I am familiar with so many ways my team of make-up artists and hair stylists would prep a model, but I had never heard of Eyebrow Threading. So lucky for me Christina was having a Grand Opening for her very own studio salon that night and I was able to photograph and see first hand what eyebrow threading was all about. I walked into the Salon and it was packed from from wall to wall with a line of ladies and a few guys. As you looked around the room you noticed or devours, beverages, and fruit for all those waiting patiently for their turn. Christina wasn't alone in the Threading department she was accompanied by miss Alexandria Gossetti (Bottom Left) another very talented eyebrow threader and they both showed me how it was done. First eyebrow prep with scissors and  a small comb than out comes the a long strand of string and the process begins. One after another every client got into their seats and got a chance to experience this awesome show of talent. From eyebrows to moustaches, beards to sideburns Threading is able to take care of all unwanted and uncontrolled hairs. It straightens out edges and keeps all hairs evenly lined up.

The Salon itself was filled with so many talented women who love what they do. Everyone is super friendly and very comfortable to be around. Not only could you get your facials, nails, hair and the whole SHEBANG, but you got to know who the people are. You will also learn the what's and whys about all of the products they use and how they make you look according to your unique appearance. From your skin tone, facial structure and hair color they will generate the perfect look that will benefit your style! I promise you after coming here you will feel great, and after a wonderful and informative experience here at the salon you will tell all your friends about it.

If you would like to experience it all for yourself please stop by and see for yourself. For particular services rendered go to the website.

philosophē studio salon
500 Boston Providence Tpke
Norwood, Ma 02062

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Monday, August 22, 2011


 I love working with Lila Nikole! Her collection is always unique, fun and versatile. Not to mention that she works with the Hottest models and Super MUA's (Make-Up Artist's) for those who didn't know. This Particular shoot was creative, fun and super HOT in the sunny Miami at HIGH-NOON. It's Never a good time to shoot at noon, but it's the only time I had available to work with her again. Using a kiddy pool and fabric we created a beautiful wet look. Lauryn Bocook is the model in the shoot and she is great to work with so be ready when its time to shoot because she will out pose your camera if you let her. Set your strobes on rapid fire and let her do her thing. Shot after shot I got nothing but perfection. If you want a model to knock you off your feet at a photo shoot Lauryn is the one.

Thanks for the Designs Lila!

Model: Lauryn Bocook


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What more can you say about a girl this adorable??? How old is she? Does she model? Her eyes are so beautiful! Yeah those are some the things you can say about this lil doll. 1 going on 2 this Baby girl  loves the camera and is always smiling. I had the privilege of shooting Reece this one Sunday morning and had the time of my life. She was very attentive and ready to move. I had to keep up with her every step just to get that shot of a life time. Like a Lil diva at the beach Reece was ready to pose and play in the water. Thanks to my friend Courtney I was introduced to her niece Reece and it made my day. Kids can make any day a great one especially when you get to hang out with a cute Lil lady like this one.

Love to do it again if you're ever in Miami again.

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Return of the V!

Vanessa Jeanne.

Need I say more?? Vanessa is a good friend of mine and a wonderful model. Shoot after shoot we always get a perfect shot to publish. Still modeling in Miami, New York as well as Orlando, Vanessa keeps modeling going strong. If you think you may know Vanessa think again, she's not just a model booking gigs and hanging out on the social scene; she is also a big time sports fan! Dont even think you can compete with knowing more than this Lil lady when it comes to Football or Basketball. If you have a fantasy football team I promise you she will rank higher than you at the end of the season.

Keep doing what you do best V and you will always come out on top.

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Baby got BEAUTY! Standing at 5'3" Lil miss Iris is just a adorable package of beautiful energy. If I could give a title to our first photo shoot I would call it, "Shooting Made EZ with Torres Iris". This Lil fire cracker came to the shoot like she had 3 energy drinks and a Mt Dew to boot. Powered by her natural energetic high, Iris makes a shoot super fun. Besides posing so naturally and going from one outfit to another like superman in a phone booth, she makes a full-day photo shoot last about 1. 5 hrs. Quick on her toes and witty with a gaze from a Marilyn Monroe movie. She's got "SEXY" mastered and would be a great muse if you are looking for one. Very easy going and very punctual and if you don't have a make-up artist trust me this girl can take care of herself.

Thanks for working with me Iris and hope to see you soon!


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